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Got a development enquiry? A burning question?
Have a flick through these Frequently Asked Questions, and then shoot me a message!

How long will it take before my website is live?

There are a number of factors that can impact the delivery time on your project.
From delivery of your media assets and copywriting to me, and after discussing the design & palette of your site, here are some estimates:

  • Showcase Site: 3-5 Days
  • Intermediate Site: 1 Week+
  • Complex Site: 3 Weeks+

These estimates are all depending on how effectively we can communicate ideas with each other and finalise a design, and for larger sites, the complexity of the programming involved.

I will always endeavour to provide you the best estimate of turnaround time after we’ve established contact.

How accurately can you provide quotes?
The pricing that I’ve provided on my website packages page is a good idea of what you can expect.
Showcase sites that stay within the defined inclusions will always be $399, for example, but more complicated things like a mailing list or a custom contact form will increase that price.

For larger sites, that will depend on what kind of programming is involved to deliver you the best version of what you want.
A good example is the Arrogone Archers site. For the club, I developed a custom two-fold booking system with a number of different types of sessions for them to run, along with a back-end control page with private access for them to review potential bookings and establish beginner session times.
The time and level of intricacy required for this resulted in a final cost in the range of $3,000

So, it can be quite variable, but I will provide you with the most accurate quote that I can, and do my best to adhere to that.

I already have a domain name, can you use that one?
Yes, absolutely! If you’ve already purchased a domain name externally, I’m more than happy to develop your site under that name. All I’ll need from you is the EPP Code/Domain Authorization Code in order to transfer your domain to the hosting company I use, and we’re away!

Please note, however, that transferring domains from one provider to another can involve several days of waiting time, so it’s important that we begin this process early on, so that your domain is ready by the time your site is.

I already have a website, can you just redesign it?
Because of the nature of web development, it can be extremely difficult to access and interpret another developer’s code.
In this scenario, the best way forward is for me to use your current website as inspiration, and we can simply have a discussion on the changes you’d like to make.

This also involves the transferring of a domain name, so make sure you read about the extra time involved for that in the above FAQ.

Do you offer copywriting or photography services?

Yes, and no. The clients that I develop websites for fall under a very diverse range of industries, so while I’d like to say I can provide you copywriting services, I’d rather not make the mistake of misinterpreting anything that your business does, so it’s better for both of us if you do all the talking.

That being said, while we discuss what you want your site to look like, I’d love to learn more about your business, and I will use my extensive experience to advise you on what kind of functionality would work best in your particular website.

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